Next-level vaping gear

Stop right there!

These high-end electronic cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers are designed for vapers with a strong knowledge of vaping fundamentals and experience to match. It is possible to exceed safe operational limits if you haven't mastered Ohm's Law, potentially damaging your device... or yourself. We're always happy to help you along your journey, just drop by!

For those looking for a truly next-level vaping experience, though, you'll find everything you need to make those flavors pop or chase clouds. Customize, fine tune, and own every aspect of your device and vaping experience here.

This curated collection for veteran vapers features our team's top picks for making every aspect of your vaping experience exactly that: yours! 

  • advanced personal vaporizers like unregulated (or "mechanical") mods, software-driven regulated devices, and other high-end e-cigs

  • rebuildable atomizers of every variety ("RBAs", "RTAs" and "RDAs") and our favorite tools for building your own coils

  • cases, drip tips, and other accessories for protecting and personalizing your vape 

There's not much more to say: if you landed here, you probably know what you're looking for. Every device listed here is available at our vape bars, please drop in any time (we're always happy to help answer your questions, too)!

By the way - if you're after something truly unique, check out our special collection of rare mods.

And if advanced vaping gear isn't your thing (yet)? No worries! You'll soon build the level of knowledge you need to use advanced electronic cigarettes safely and effectively. For now, check out our curated selections of beginner gear and intermediate electronic cigarettes. 

Vape on!

528 Custom Goon 25mm

65.00 44.50 44.5 USD

Aria EVA Case

35.00 10.00 10.0 USD

DPM Mods Li-Mo

325.00 230.00 230.0 USD

Footoon Aqua Master

45.00 45.0 USD

Hades v2 by Footoon

80.00 53.00 53.0 USD

Psyclone Mods Citadel

90.00 69.00 69.0 USD


340.00 220.00 220.0 USD

Syntheticloud Alpine

50.00 30.00 30.0 USD

United Society of Vape ARC

92.00 45.00 45.0 USD

Vandy Vape Pulse 80w Resin BF Box Mod

83.00 53.00 53.0 USD

e-Phoenix Fury

150.00 120.00 120.0 USD