Maximize your vaping experience

Now that you've been vaping a while, you're probably curious about different devices, maybe slightly larger vapor production tanks, or exotic flavors, and how each of these can effect your experience.

The answers are as varied as the devices and flavors themselves, and the "best" configuration is always, without exception, the one you enjoy the most. There's only one sure way to find out: experiment until you discover what's right for you (just drop by to one of our vape bars to say hello; we'll be happy to help you!).

This curated collection for intermediate vapers includes our team's top picks for customizing and personalizing your vaping experience:

  • more fully-featured, but still easy to use, e-cigs (variable wattage to fine tune your experience, box mods for increased battery capacity, and more)

  • parts & accessories for custom-tuning your e-cig's look and performance

  • introductory level rebuildable devices ("RBAs") that make it easy to fully customize the way your tank performs, or, for the more adventurous, easy-to-build drippers for that extra boost of flavor or vapor production

It's a good idea to have a decent understanding of vaping basics before graduating to more customizable electronic cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers. If you're already there and ready to start chasing flavors, these devices, tanks, and parts are for you. Create the ideal setup for your vaping lifestyle!

Veteran vapers may be more interested in our selection of advanced personal vaporizers or even exclusive rare and collectable mods from around the world.

CoilART Clapton Coil Puck

13.25 6.50 6.5 USD

CoilART Kanthal Coil Puck

10.00 4.00 4.0 USD

Footoon Aqua Reboot

42.00 27.00 27.0 USD

Hop N Vape KOF

40.00 25.00 25.0 USD

Innokin Ajax Atomizer Pack

18.00 7.50 7.5 USD

Innokin SCION 2

30.00 17.00 17.0 USD

Native Wicks Platinum Blend Cotton

12.00 5.50 5.5 USD

Syntheticloud FLUX

50.00 28.00 28.0 USD