Kamry K100

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The Kamry k100 is one of the most affordable telescoping mechanicals in the world. Inspired by the classic Empire mod, the k100 features a bottom switch, with a counter rotating locking ring, and can accomodate any of the 18xxx series batteries, from small 18350 batteries for a compact look all the way up to an 18650 battery for an all day device. The k100 comes with a standard eGo/510 connector opening up a world of options, from cartomizers and clearomizers, to rebuildable dripping atomizers.

The Kamry k100 comes as a kit that includes:

  • one (1) Kamry k100 telescoping body
  • one (1) cartomizer/atomizer cover
  • one (1) drip tip
  • one (1) Kamry-branded 18350 (900mAh) IMR battery
  • one (1) Kamry-branded 18650 (2000mAh) IMR battery
  • one (1) single-bay, adjustable wall charger
  • one (1) carrying case

Revolution Vapor pre-greases the k100 telescoping battery threads with Noalox to ensure a smooth threading action. If you have a k100 and would like us to check it out and grease the threads for smoother action, please visit us at our store in San Pedro!