Footoon Hellixer

37.00 24.50 24.5 USD


A heavy hitter of a rebuildable tank atomizer by Korea’s own Footoon, the Hellixer is an unusual mechanical design that is as complex as it is unique; inexperienced vapers need not apply! With particularly notable design features like the guillotine deck system – a Footoon innovation – and a bevy of intricately devised parts of uncommon architecture, it takes a truly experienced vaper to fully enjoy and grasp all the particularities of this RTA. Taking this tank apart and putting it back together is an art-form unto itself! One especially noteworthy feature of the Footoon Hellixer, and one that is sure to please any vaper, is its spin lock system, which effectively shuts down the e-liquid flow to allow removal of the tank without wasting any of the juice due to spillage. It's full open airflow, that's directed immediately to the coils, will ensure that the Hellixer lives up to Footoon's reputation of voluminous vapor production and unique flavor intensity.

The Footoon Hellixer includes:

  • one (1) Footoon Hellixer body
  • one (1) Footoon Hellixer guillotine deck
  • one (1) set of replacement o-rings
  • one (1) set of replacement screws
  • one (1) coil jig
  • one (1) allen key