CKS x Aria Kaze v2

105.00 105.0 USD


Cloud Kicker Society and Aria have come together again to redesign the famous Kaze RDA to include a slew of features for the modern vaper. Starting with a two-post deck design with C-clamp style posts for a variety of build options. The Kaze v2 by Aria in collaboration with Cloud Kicker Society, sports a direct-milled negative post and a gold-plated positive post, backed up by PEEK insulators to handle just about anything you can dream of. Choose either the balck and gold, signature CKS koi print with the Kaze v2's flavor focused sleeve, or go extreme with a competition sleeve showcasing massive CKS japanese-styled cloud design for maximum drawing power. 

This limited edition CKS x Aria Kaze v2 includes:

  • one (1) Kaze v2 build deck
  • one (1) flavor focused sleeve with quad airflow control
  • one (1) vapor production focused sleeve with giant cloud window airflow control
  • one (1) wide-bore gold plated drip tip
  • one (1) wide-bore black delrin drip tip
  • one (1) spare parts kit